AR/VR Training

AR/VR Training module

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With the ever-growing market and rising challenges of modern industry, there is a need to adapt and improve every day. The difficulties have only added up with the current scenario where lockdown due to the Corona pandemic has brought many industries to their knees.

Therefore, we have acquired a unique approach to meet the demands of the industry by employing a tech-based solution. This has been a breakthrough approach that has added to customer satisfaction and helped in tremendous cost-cutting.

Now with consultancy and training solutions, one can also benefit from our tech-based training solution for all kinds of industries. We specifically designed our solution according to the requirement of each client.

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Srijan Solutions have been working closely with premium AR/VR-based Tech Company where we intensely work on developing Immersive Training and Assessment Platforms. It is focused on creating, deploying, maintaining, and upgrading internal training for all kinds of organizations.

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Augmented Reality as a Training Module

The Augmented Reality training module is one of the most popular methods with an outbreak of technology in this era. It is an interactive training module for trainees with the opportunity to acquire knowledge with 3D models, graphics, animations, and other methods that are very efficient.

The AR has found its place in the training module and has been popular all over the globe for a while. What makes this special is that it offers in-depth content and the power to retain knowledge for a long period for trainees making it the finest of the tools among organizations.

Virtual Reality as a Training Module

This module of training has brought a revolution in the industry. No organization has not been impacted by it. VR on Oculus Rift and Gear VR has been transformative in many training methods especially for enterprises, academia, defence, aeronautics, and many other industries.

VR is a powerful training module that allows trainees to be in a virtual 3D environment, which has its unique benefits. It not only cut down on its various distractions but at the same time offers a fascinating environment where one can start grasping from the very moment you begin.

The scenario the trainee is put in is a real-life situation that works for the real world.

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Incredible benefits after employing AR/VR Training Module:

Srijan Solutions Scalable, Cloud Linked, LMS Integrated offering empowers organizations with the following advantages:

Develop Learning Track Plans for specific users, based on the current competency levels and organizational needs.

Standardize Training Processes across setups, locations, plants.

Track, Compare & Visualise skill-specific workforce competency levels.

To name a few industries that have widely adopted AR/VR Training module in their setups are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power, Oil & Gas

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